About Us

The Alliance was established in 2010. Currently its members include arbitration courts in Italy, France, Russia, Germany, Singapore. Soon arbitration courts in China, Brazil, America and United Arab Emirates will join the Alliance. One of the members is international law firm Common Legal Property, which specializes in the recognition and enforcement of foreign arbitral awards.

The alliance arranges the consideration of commercial disputes and the enforcement of arbitral awards in Europe, Russia, Asia and America (States parties to the New York Convention on the Recognition and Enforcement of. Foreign Arbitral Awards). “Enforcement” includes: obtainment of the enforcement documents in State courts (decrees, writs of execution) and organization of actual collection of debts through enforcement officers and private detectives. The Alliance provides a financial guarantee of the enforcement of arbitral awards.

The arbitration courts of the Alliance work according to uniform standards and on a single software platform, which ensures professional resolution of disputes and unhindered enforcement of arbitral awards. The Alliance maintains a Uniform Arbitral Awards Database (BITER) and a database of judicial practice related to their enforcement.

The Alliance has a Disciplinary Commission for the consideration of complaints against Arbitration Courts.

International Arbitration Alliance